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Giant Eyeball News – Questions and Curiosity

An article from the Orlando Sentinel shows a giant eyeball which was found washed up on a beach. Scientists are trying to determine what type of animal it is from. Because that’s the sort of thing scientists do. If there is something we don’t understand or recognize, we want to know more.

There is some yuck factor here, so if you are squeamish about eyeballs, you might not want to look at it. But for some kids, the gross image will be a great discussion starter. Try asking some questions like

  • What sort of animal do you think this eyeball might be from?
  • What sort of tests might scientists do to learn more?
  • What might have happened to this creature?
  • How far away could this eyeball have drifted from

Science is all about questions and curiosity. The beginning of science knowledge is looking at the unknown and wondering what or why.

See the story and video: Huge eyeball from unknown creature washes ashore on Florida beach


The mystery has been solved! So where did it come from? Find out in this article from Deep Sea News.

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